2017 Board of Directors

Lisa Swanson, MD

Past President
Theo Alkousakis, MD

President Elect
Jamie Surovik, MD

Sabrina Newman, MD

Ryan Gamble, MD

Legislative Trustee
Dan Jensen, MD

Community Service Trustee
Ryan Owen, MD

Resident Member
Eileen Axibal, MD & Ramin Fathi, MD

CDS Derm CAC Representative
Insley Puma Flaig, MD

Director of Events & Communications
Nicole Goddard

Are you Interested in Becoming Involved?

Are you a dermatologist in Colorado interested in becoming more involved in the CDS? Joining the CDS Board of Directors is a great way to become involved and meet dermatologists from around the state.

If you are intersted and would like to be included in future board position nominations, please email with your interest. You must be a CDS member to be on the board.